Lend-Grow FAQs

Lend-Grow is an online loan marketplace that connects borrowers with local lenders. Local lenders do not spend millions of dollars on flashy technology and advertising and hence pass on these savings to their customers. Relationship-based banking is core to how local lenders operate and they build long-lasting relationships with their customers, to them you are not a number.

Lend-Grow founders have in past managed lending businesses at both big banks and smaller ones.  We ultimately took the plunge and founded Lend-Grow as we felt that we there was a need to make borrowers aware of better choices for them, loans with no origination fees, and lower interest rates. Read more about us.

​The lenders on our marketplace compete to give you low rate on loans. You can see the lender presenting the offer and ultimately select the offer and complete the application on the lender’s site.

​We are standing by to assist you with any questions you may have on loans or the application.  Please drop us a note at contact@lendgrow.com.  You can also directly call the lender.  The number for the lender is shared to you in the confirmation email for the loan offer.

We do not charge borrowers any fee for finding loan offers.  Lenders pay us a fee but the fee does not impact the low rate our borrowers get than if they went to the lender directly.