Pre-qualification FAQs

Click on “Get My Rate.” It takes only two minutes to find out, and you could be on your way to save thousands of dollars in interest or lower your monthly payment substantially. Checking your rate does not impact your credit.

Yes, the auto pay discount is 0.10% and is included in the rates shown.

The rates offered is based on your credit history, income, and term of loan, type of loan (fixed, variable).  If you are looking for lowest payment, explore longer terms and/or variable rate loans.  If you are looking for lowest rate, explore shorter term and/or variable rate loans.

Variable rate loans usually have lower rates so many borrowers choose them.  However variable rate loan rate adjusts every few months based on the LIBOR index.  These days the rates have been going down so many variable rate borrowers have been paying lower and lower.

Fixed rate loans rates are determined at the time of loan and do not change.  If you think you will hold the loan for a long time, you may find fixed better otherwise you can always start with variable and switch to fixed if needed.  Remember, you can refinance the loan again, there is no application or origination fee to refinance. Read more on choosing between fixed or variable rate loan.

We pre-qualify you for loan offers with our lender partners.  Pre-qualification his does not impact your credit.  The rates are conditional, subject to verification of credit, income, and other loan eligibility criteria and you continuing to meet these criteria during your loan application with the lender.