Join Lend-Grow's Exclusive Affiliate Program

Earn revenue from your personal finance site by referring visitors to Lend-Grow.


How It Works

1. Refer traffic to Lend-Grow

If approved for the program, we’ll give you trackable links to use from your site to ours. 

2. Visitors refinance their student loan

Visitors check their rate and refinance their student loan with one of our exclusive lenders.

3. You Get Paid!

Once the customer has funded their loan we’ll pay you commissions each month.

Why Partner with Lend-Grow?

Lend-Grow is a unique lending marketplace. Our customers get:
  • Access to more lenders

Lend-Grow partners with both big and small banks, including harder-to-find lenders that can offer better deals.

  • Unbiased platform

Lend-Grow doesn’t rank lenders based on the money we make. We show the best deals, period.

  • Payback Rewards

Borrowers can save even more with our one-of-a-kind Payback Rewards, where we pay down part of the loan each month.

  • Industry-leading commissions

Our existing partners find that we have better commissions than other marketplaces.

"Lend-Grow was so easy to use and after much comparison, were able to get me the best rate for refinancing out there!"

Benjamin, Lend-Grow Customer

Who is Eligible?

Lend-Grow works with a wide variety of publishers, including websites in these industries:

Content Co-Creation


Lend-Grow will help you develop content for your site to add value to your page. Successful partners can also have the opportunity to write on the Lend-Grow blog, to increase traffic to your site. It’s a win-win.

Affiliate Program FAQs

It’s free to join our affiliate program, and there are no fees.

We are able to set up a unique referral link for customers coming from each affiliate’s website, and we use that to keep track of leads.

All partners start off on a cost per funded basis. When someone funds a student refi loan or personal loan, you get paid. Alternate models include cost per application start once we have enough data on your site’s traffic and conversion. 

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