Find the best student refi deal for you,
plus, earn up to $500¹ cash back when you refinance

An exclusive network of local, harder-to-find lenders

  • Smaller lenders
  • Better deals than big banks
  • $500 cash bonus¹

There’s no impact to your credit score

Smaller Banks, Bigger Savings

Find exclusive offers in the Lend-Grow marketplace

Lend-Grow connects you with small banks and credit unions in your area.

Why Choose Small Banks?

It’s simple – small banks have better rates than the big guys.

Smaller banks don’t have the same overhead costs, and the savings are passed on to you.

Plus, you’ll be supporting your local community and economy.


Competitive Rates

With loan terms of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years

Fixed Rates As Low As:

4.90% APR

Variable Rates As Low As:

5.28% APR

Plus, Earn Up To $500 Cash Back


Refinance with a lender on the Lend-Grow Marketplace


We will send you up to $500¹ just for refinancing

Connect With Local Lenders & Earn Payback Rewards

Our mission is to help people pay down debt faster.


At Lend-Grow, small banks and credit unions compete for your business to offer you the lowest rates.


When smaller banks compete, you get more options and access to lower rates.

 No impact to your credit score

Join Thousands of Happy Customers

“I would recommend your lender to anyone in need of a student loan and I certainly want to thank you and the lender’s customer service rep who provided incredible help and was very generous.” – Samuel

“I had a very pleasant experience in refinancing my loans through your lender. Robert was very thorough and helpful in instructing me throughout the process, even making himself available after hours on several occasions. It’s nice to have all of my loans consolidated into one payment and I am happy with my choice!”

“For several weeks, I made attempts to receive a student loan, but I did not have any prior experience searching for student loans and stumbled on many obstacles. Your associate assisted us with wonderful advice and helped sort our documents to find what we truly needed. Thanks again for all of your help.”


Lend-Grow is not a bank, but we connect you with banks and credit unions.

To be eligible for a one-time $500 cash bonus, you must refinance a student loan of $100,000 minimum and submit the rewards claim at https://lendgrow.com/signup/

You’ll see a variety of offers from small banks and credit unions. These lenders want more customers, and offer competitive rates to get them.

Once you’ve chosen a lender and your student refinance loan has funded, simply fill out this form.

You may refinance from $5,000 to $750,000 of your current federal, private, and parent plus loans. The loan limit depends on degree level for which the student loan was obtained.

Refinancing allows borrowers to combine there several loans into a single loan by taking out a new loan usually at a cheaper rate. The student loans you get while at school is based on the federal loan option, they not based on your credit profile. Once you start to work and build a good credit, you can significantly lower your rate and get out of debt sooner.

Federal loans and Private loans that you took out for your associate, bachelors, masters, or professional courses are eligible for refinancing. You are not required to have completed your program of study to be eligible for refinancing.

Parents who took out a Parent PLUS or private loan for their dependents are also eligible for refinancing. Parents, check out our article on benefits of refinancing Parent PLUS loans.

None of our lenders charge any origination or application fee. 

1. Savings for student loan refinance borrowers is not guaranteed and the actual savings will vary based on borrower credit profile, existing loan, and refinanced loan term and type (fixed rated or variable rate). If you work in the Public sector, are in the military, or taking advantage of a federal department of relief program, such as income based repayment or public service forgiveness, you may not want to refinance, as these benefits do not transfer to private refinance/consolidation loans.

2. Payback Rewards is offered by Lend Grow. Payback reward is not a rate discount and not managed by the lender through which you obtained your loan. To be eligible for Payback Rewards, you must apply through Lend-Grow to a lender in Lend-Grow’s marketplace. The loan must be disbursed by the lender. You must complete the Payback Reward enrollment at Lend-Grow.com/rewards-signup after your loan is disbursed. Lend-Grow will deposit the Payback reward directly to the loan account you specify at the time of Payback Reward enrollment. The loan account must be open and active, and you must make full payment each month to your loan account as per your loan statement. Lend-Grow may periodically request you to verify your account status and failure to do so by you may result in discontinuation of Payback Rewards.

  • *Minimum cash back estimate of $750 is based on a $250,000 student loan refinance earning cash back at the rate of .10% APR of your loan amount for 3 years. Borrowers will earn smaller payback rewards over 3 years with a minimum of $25,000. Maximum cash back is $1500 over three years.

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