Personal Loans Now Available on the Lend-Grow Marketplace

The trusted marketplace that people have come to rely on has now expanded to give customers another way to find the lending product they need. Personal loan seekers can now get access to harder-to-find lenders online, just like they can for student loan refinancing. The Lend-Grow marketplace saves time and simplifies the lending process, connecting borrowers with lenders that can make offers instantly and provide personal loan funds as soon as the next business day. It’s all part of Lend-Grow’s pledge to provide the tools and technologies to help people quickly discover what makes the most sense for them. 

“We heard our customers’ feedback: they were excited about how much they were saving on their student loans and wanted to use the Lend-Grow marketplace to find other lending products too, like personal loans,” said Nish Krishna, CEO of Lend-Grow. “Lend-Grow‘s easy-to-use platform is personalized based on their needs, and we are happy to offer another way people can use the marketplace to find the best deals. 

Personal loans are expected to grow in demand in the future As Lend-Grow’s lender network expands, it furthers the company’s mission of empowering consumers to attain prosperity and financial growth. 

Lend-Grow is an online platform providing borrowers with a way to find the best deals on loans. Consumers can quickly find better deals for financial products through their network of harder-to-find lenders. The marketplace also allows lending institutions to grow their portfolios in a risk and pricing-positive environment, by providing access to prequalified borrowers.