Lend-Grow Covered on Nasdaq.com

Lend-Grow was recently featured in a Nasdaq article by Josh Enomoto as an example of a startup worth investing in on the MicroVentures platform. Private investing platforms like MicroVentures are becoming popular avenues for investors looking for opportunities to participate in equity crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding can be a very lucrative way for investors to support businesses who might be in their infancy but have significant growth potential.  Most people think of investing in a company only after it’s gone public on a major stock index like the Dow Jones. But as the article points out, putting money in at a much earlier stage can be high-risk, high-reward. When you find startups like Lend-Grow to invest in, you can discover innovations that others haven’t found yet, and potentially reap significant returns as a reward. 

Lend-Grow was included as example of a startup worth investing in on MicroVentures. The article also highlights Lend-Grow’s connection with smaller local banks and how they can offer better deals on loans. As the article notes, “Lend-Grow provides a win-win ecosystem. First, the borrower benefits from competitive rates. Second, local lenders can grow their portfolio with warm to hot leads which would otherwise be sucked up by the big banks.” This article includes a description of Lend-Grow as well as 4 other startups as examples of startups worth investing in. 

Josh Enomoto is a writer for Investor Place, one of America’s longest-standing independent financial research firms. He is also a former senior business analyst for Sony Electronics and has helped broker contracts with Fortune Global 500 companies. 

Lend-Grow is an online lending marketplace connecting borrowers with community banks to offer the best deals on loans. Lend-Grow currently offers student loan refinancing, with more loan types coming soon. See Lend-Grow’s company profile page on MicroVentures for more information on how to invest.