Lend-Grow Announces a New Lender Partner: Nelnet

Lend-Grow is excited to announce that customers on the Lend-Grow marketplace now have access to student loan refinance products offered by U-fi From Nelnet. This adds even more diversity to Lend-Grow’s marketplace and ultimately helps consumers where it matters most: a better, cheaper, and wider selection of financial products, starting with student loans. Whether a borrower wants lower monthly payments or maximum total savings, Nelnet’s offerings will help Lend-Grow’s borrowers find even more options.

“We are very excited to partner with Nelnet. Lend-Grow is obsessed with making our borrower experience the best,” said Nish Krishna, CEO of Lend-Grow. “Lend-Grow has a customer centric digital experience built around understanding the borrower’s needs, and Nelnet has decades of experience in the student loan industry. We have a true win-win partnership that I hope we can expand to other loans in the future.”

Mike Kuhl, Head of Marketing and Partnerships for U-fi From Nelnet, is also excited about the new opportunities for both companies. “Lend-Grow has been a great partner. They align well with our goal of giving borrowers better options to manage their student loans. Their platform makes it easy for borrowers to find the right offer that fits their needs.”

Lend-Grow is a financial technology company that operates an online consumer loan marketplace. It helps consumers quickly and easily find better and cheaper financial products with a customer-centric platform that features a wide variety of lenders unavailable elsewhere. Lend-Grow also helps lenders grow their consumer base by finding pre-qualified borrowers by geography, credit segment, and product, increasing lenders’ market share and sourcing quality borrowers from their locality.

U-fi From Nelnet provides private student loans and refinance solutions to help students and recent graduates make smart financial choices and accomplish their educational goals building on Nelnet’s solid foundation of more than 40 years of student loan expertise and success.