Strong Consumer Demand

Personal loans for card debt consolidation have grown 300% since 2010. Consumer Loans – Personal Loans, Student Refinance, Home Improvement Loans, and Solar Financing account for $60B annual origination.


Affluent Segment With Home & Auto Needs

Personal Loan & Student Loans Refinance borrowers have robust credit profile (avg. FICO 700-740, avg. income $100,000+). Most have upcoming Home & Auto needs.

Superior Returns

Choose: Higher yield (10%) and shorter duration (3 years) Personal Loans or lower risk (.25% loss rates) and longer duration (5 years) Student Loans Refinance.

Range of Options

Lenders can not only choose the program based on enterprise risk and returns goals but also have flexibility to ‘build their own’ or ‘buy’ from FinTech originators.