Getting Started

  1. The lender partner shares their desired credit box, pricing grid, and footprint.
  2. Lend-Grow team sets up LG marketplace to connect borrowers in the footprint with the lender partner. No IT integration. All setup work is done by LG team (1 month).
  3. Borrowers in lender partner’s credit box and footprint are redirected to lender partner site for loan application.
  4. Lend-Grow receives fee for funded loans

No, getting leads from Lend-Grow does not require any IT integration.

Setup is handled entirely by Lend-Grow technology team. Setup is used to configure Lend-Grow marketplace to match leads to lender specified credit box and target footprint.

Absolutely. In fact, Lend-Grow was launched by its founders to help local lenders target borrowers in their footprint that are otherwise going to Big Banks and FinTech Lenders.

At this time, Lend-Grow provides:

  • Personal Installment Loans
  • Student Refinancing Loans (not in-school student loans)

Lend-Grow lender partners are local lenders. Most lender partners are looking to get $3-5 M in funded loans per month through leads coming from Lend-Grow marketplace.

Yes absolutely. Lend-Grow regularly advises its clients in maintaining a competitive underwriting and pricing leveraging proprietary data.

Lend-Grow founders have run Consumer loans business at lenders such as Capital One Bank, M&T Bank, and Pentagon Federal Credit Union. Nish, Lend-Grow’s CEO, set up PenFed’s Personal Loans and Student Refi business and grew portfolio to $1 billion in outstanding. Fred, Lend-Grow’s CRO has been Chief Credit Risk Officer at over a half dozen banks and credit unions and has been a former OCC bank examiner.

Yes. Lend-Grow offers as an add-on a white label online loan origination that can help lender partners offer a FinTech-like best-in-class digital experience to its customers. The loan application is 100% digital with various 3rd party integrations for income, ID verification, and e-sign of documents.

In addition, 3rd party servicing integration options are available on request.