How Payback Rewards Work

Get your loan funded through a lender referred through Lend-Grow

Enroll in Payback Rewards

We deposit Payback Rewards each month to your loan account

Earn rewards, no matter which lender you choose.

How Much?

We make deposits at the rate of .10% APR of your loan amount for 3 years, as long as your account is active.

Who pays?

Payback Rewards is offered by Lend-Grow. Lend-Grow will deposit¹ the Payback reward directly to the loan account you specify at the time of Payback Reward enrollment. Payback reward is not a rate discount and you must continue to meet your full payment obligations with the lender each month.

With Payback Rewards, you're rewarded for your good financial habits, and you'll pay your loan down even faster.

Heads up! Due to high demand, Lend-Grow is currently limited to 10,000 student loan refinancing customers

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