Meet the Lend-Grow team

The Lend-Grow Story

Lend-Grow was started after recognizing a real need among online financial marketplaces; none of them had all the information you needed, and most of them present results influenced by revenue or commissions. Lend-Grow’s founders spent years at big banks, and saw firsthand how smaller banks were shut out online, making it much harder for borrowers to find the best loan deals. That’s where the idea for Lend-Grow was born. Lend-Grow is an online ecosystem that connects borrowers with banks of all different sizes, and the information they need to make informed decisions. Many online marketplaces do not feature smaller banks, which can offer their customers better deals (because they don’t have million-dollar marketing budgets). Consumers are left with the search results which are paid to be there.

At Lend-Grow, we created a marketplace and suite of tools which are attuned to your needs. Our goal is to create a digital experience which helps you find what works best for you. By using data curated from local lenders, small lenders, national lenders and credit unions, customers finally have a complete set of information which they can use to get the best possible deals out there.

Our Pledge

At Lend-Grow, we will:

  • Have the most comprehensive set of information, including both big and small lenders, to help you make financial decisions with confidence.
  • Be empathetic to your needs, giving you the tools you need to find the deal that makes the most sense for you.
  • Be independent and objective, not letting fees guide how we present the information to you.